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Come and meet a selection of our wonderful international yoga teachers, healing artists, coaches & musicians.

Johannes Gartner

Often wearing several hats at the same time, Johannes currently works as a leadership coach, a community builder, and an emotional intelligence trainer for social justice activists and business executives across several industries. His ways of being have been shaped by experiences such as years of non-profit leadership and corporate management consulting work, intense yoga teacher training or research on LGBTQI+ refugees in Europe. Though geographically unstable, Berlin has offered him a home base since 2011.


Amanda Tonna

Amanda Tonna is the founder of Harmonia and helps people release energetic blockages through body work. She traveled extensively in Thailand to find the master who taught her the knowledge of Traditional Thai Massage and Tok Sen Therapy. She also uses Indian Head Massage to help relief headaches and migraines, manage stress and calm the mind and spirit.

You can find more information about Amanda here.

Angelos Ananda

I believe life does not depend on being able to get your foot behind your head but on creating a good set of tools you can use beyond the mat towards to your personal development. The goal for practitioners is to leave with a stronger connection to themselves.

There is nothing more powerful than the energy of sharing with like-minded people – together, we can empower each other to live our lives fully and create a beautiful world.

Our true nature is to love and to move from a space of open hearted compassion and acceptance. I support students' journey to return to this simple truth. Love and be gentle with yourself and others.


Joe Jung

Founder of the Acro Fest Berlin, AcroYoga teacher and passionate dancer brings interested people closer to AcroYoga in a playful, mindful way: How can I inspire others, support them, enjoy stability and conquer the skies together? You can find out in his AcroYoga workshops. ​ 


You can find more background information about his work at

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Sabeth Glasmeyer

My style of guiding you through Asana practice combines anatomically correct alignment with the joy of exploring what Yoga has to offer on an emotional and mental level to help you cultivate the beautiful energy that comes along with awareness. It’s magic, it’s pure joy!

My goal is to create a safe space so that we can find the individual expression of every Asana that lies within us, cultivate the beautiful energy that comes along with awareness and slowing down the chattering of the mind - because that is when the magic starts to happen!


Christina Gross

Christina is a photographer & stylist and has found her access to meditation through sound. Starting with a singing bowl, she has since discovered a variety of instruments and her voice. She is trained in sound therapy & energetic healing work and loves to accompany people into deep relaxation. The fine vibrational frequencies of the instruments, the loving singing and complaisant touches allow the whole system to recharge. The body's cells are able to vibrate into their healthy state and the self-healing powers are activated.

Learn more about Christina here.

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Resourceress has been practicing yoga since the age of 16, going through various exploration phases of numerous styles with particular interest and focus on Vinyasa and Bikram. Mainly driven by discipline and ambition most of her life, it is now gentleness that she began to seek and cultivate in her practices - raw and vulnerable, just like life. And just like strength is different from brute force, it is often kindness, patience and grace out of which our strength gets born.

Learn & Practice How To:
• Connect To Your Heart • Body Scan • Tap Into Your Body’s
Wisdom • Vizualization & Kinesthetic Techniques Learn & Practice How To:
• Explore Our Bodies Through Movement • Drop In To Consciously
Exchange Energies With Others • Connect Through Touch & Response • Share Love & Curiosity For Our Bodies & Expression


MonoAbe is a music producer and a percussion based performance act.  His DJ sets, full of latin culture, drumming and colourful grooves aim mainly to shake the dance-floors and focus on the movement, inviting its audience to travel between tribal chants, south american folklore vocals, afro rhythms, and acid electronic synthesizers. Specially vibrant are his drum solos that put to his sets this special energy of live music, making each set of his a special music piece. MonoAbe will be performing for Evolve festival among Andi Andean, in a tailored downtempo hybrid DJ set which promises to be a highlight of the music acts.


Noor Edres

Hi, my name is Noor and I am very excited to be a part of this incredible festival. Since I come from a background where I was bombarded by other people's ideas and aspirations of how I should be, I spent the second half of my life trying to rid myself of all this conditioning. One of the main ways I do that is through trying to understand myself and what I want, and to follow that path with all the trust in the world, in myself, and in others. That brought me to my systemic coaching degree, and that in turn brought me to running my own workshops alone and with friends. The topics vary but the aim is always the same, to free ourselves from the known and embark on a fearless and magical journey, a journey of our choice, a journey we are proud to share on our deathbed.

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Natalia Wójcik

My journey with Yoga started at Peace Yoga Berlin, where I took my first yoga class. A regular continued practice of Jivamukti Method brought me to the point of taking a 75H Teacher Training at Peace Yoga Berlin in 2020 with Moritz Ulrich, assisted by Niklas Noack. 


In 2019 I took a 200H Teacher Training at Trimurti Yoga School in Goa, India. During that training, I was introduced to the principles of Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga.

As a dedicated student and now a teacher I feel a desire to share these practices with the community. I offer a 60 minutes Jivamukti Spiritual Warrior Class which is a fixed sequence of asanas combining a warm-up, the setting of an elevated intention, chanting, asana practice, as well as meditation and relaxation.

Bünyamin Kristallschmiede

As a crystal magician, his mission is to bring magical craftsmanship to the world. He has been offering jewelry workshop for over 4+ years as a course instructor with over 500+ unique pieces with participants.


Dive into the world of magical craftsmanship to create your power object. Bünyamin advises you on his high quality collection of handpicked gemstones and helps you to let your creativity & intuition run free.

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Cecília Foga

Cecília is a sound practitioner, holistic chef and freelance photographer who creates in an aesthetic way to bring one's essence out. She approaches healing from a holistic perspective, working through the limitations of the mind, supporting the nourishment of the body and diving deep in the connection of the soul to the invisible realms. 

Through the vibration of sound and one’s personal intention a meditative state is reached where inner healing is activated. Working with different instruments connected to the elements - such as shamanic drum, tibetan sound bowls, chimes and gong - combined with essential oils and incense, she creates a safe space to explore the medicine of the sound.    

Cagn Cochrane

In theatre we allow our divinity and our humanity. 


We allow ourselves to take the full curriculum of life and feel all the emotions we can feel, make all the faces we can make, move all the parts that we can move, shake up and shake off for second who we think we are to enjoy everything we could be. 


Behind the mask we become free. 

Spiritual Theatre Workshop

In this workshop we will learn to just play and just be.  No judgement, no fear, no thinking.  Only games. 

Together we will play the fool, the devil, the magician, the empress and just generally have fun being wild and wicked and whimsical. 

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Jacek Rutkowski

Jacek Rutkowski, better known as Crobbs, composes and plays healing music on the handpan and magically creates energizing sounds by perfecting the art of human beatboxing. His music, performances and workshops intend to relax, inspire and facilitate self-expression of those present. By enjoying one of his shows, you will find it easy to experience yourself traveling to different corners of the world considering that Crobbs gets his inspiration by traveling the world and observing mother nature at its best. He is super grateful for his nomadic lifestyle for being a crucial part of developing his unique performance that combines healing sounds from the handpan and percussive sounds using his mouth.

Andi Andean

Andi.Andean is the result of the musical encounter of sound worlds that coexist on Earth and beyond. A sonic entity created during the year 2014 by Andres Aravena, producer, dj and percussionist  after many trips, bands, collaborations, masters and influences of styles from different origins and directions passing through different sound landscapes full of rhythm.

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Thomas Förderer

Thomas ist ein begeisterter und experimentierfreudiger Yogi. Seine spirituelle Reise begann 2016 mit klassischer Vipassana Meditation und führte ihn durch den vielfältigen Jungel der Berliner Yogawelt. Er absolvierte mehrere Teacher Trainings und gelangte über Ashtanga und Hata Yoga, zu Reiki und schließlich zum Kundalini Yoga.

Seine höchsten Werte sind Wahrheit und Freiheit.

Beide sind untrennbar miteinander verbunden.

Durch Kundalini Yoga lernst du dein wahres Selbst - deine innere Wahrheit kennen.

Das Leben dieser Wahrheit führt dich automatisch zu Freiheit.

Sat Nam

Benjamin Beintner

Als Coach unterstütze ich Menschen und Gruppen ihr  Potential zu entfalten. Meine große Leidenschaft ist es, die Innenwelt zu erforschen und mich dazu auszutauschen. Verbundenheit mit mir und meinen Mitmenschen erachte ich als wertvollstes Gut.

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Laura Soßong

Yogalehrerin & Reiki Practitioner



Ich unterrichte sanftes, ausgleichendes Vinyasa Yoga, meine Stunden gestalte ich kreativ und undogmatisch. Erdung und Spürfähigkeit sind mir sehr wichtig und ich möchte Dir mit meinen Stunden eine Möglichkeit dazu geben. Nimm Dir eine Auszeit vom Alltag und komm wieder mehr bei Dir an. Ich freue mich auf Dich!



Love in Action


In retreats and festivals, we often create utopian realities characterised by a deep sense of community, safety and love. These spaces, however, are islands existing in a differently looking world. In this workshop we would like to start by acknowledging this outer reality, and from that space of love we are in, we want to ask a few questions.


Angelina Katharina Petersen

Angelina works as a spiritual life coach. She combines in her work shamanic ceremonies with yoga, meditation and Reiki. She brings a great deal of life experience, a strong intuition and her passionate creative parts. With the help of this colorful mixture she can holistically respond to the needs of her clients. She creates for each person who comes to her in search of themselves and wants support, their own journey from heart to heart.

Peter Wolff

Peter Wolff is a coach and facilitator, author, speaker and strategy consultant on the topics of leadership and team collaboration. His work combines mindfulness, emotional intelligence, authentic communication, transformational processes and healing. 


He offers experiential learning for individuals and groups of all sizes. He leads multi-stakeholder programs and retreats, providing resources for personal growth and tools to build trust and expand creativity.  


Peter facilitates emergent insights and actionable solutions for people, based on years of practice in integral consciousness and wisdom traditions.

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Eva Filleböck

Eva is a certified systemic Coach with a focus on body work, personal intuition and our subconscious. Since her youth, she has been exploring (lucid) dreaming and is fascinated by different levels of consciousness. A couple years ago she started meditating and with it dived into the world of body wisdom, holistic and integral approaches as well as the world of energetic work. 

At Evolve Festival she invites you to a hypnosis and a modern Osho-Shaking Meditation.


ALAILA is inspired to capture electronic world music, where he combines endless blends of Latin, Afro, disco music with a touch of tribal vibes. He is not defined by any one genre and is ready to satisfy music lovers by provoking a spiritual journey.

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Caro Windt

Yoga has accompanied me and my life for about 20 years now. Yoga is for me the possibility to ground myself and gifts me with strength. Especially in stressful moments. At the same time, yoga keeps me flexible. Not just physical, but also mental, as it works on so many layers. Throughout the years, I can look back on many experiences in Yoga and was able to discover the many facets, which I fell in love with. I'm looking forward to sharing these at Evolve Festival with you. In my class you‘ll find a gentle, strengthening slow flow vinyasa yoga.

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Jennifer Kytka

Jennifer Kytka is a systemic coach, mediator and space holder that specializes in communication and conscious connection. Guiding individuals and groups, Jen focuses on the practice of presence and compassion, creating safer and braver spaces in which you can shed your protective layers and truly connect to yourself and others. Through various embodiment tools supporting authenticity and empathy she enables people to access self-acceptance, lightness and joy.

Imagine that with any person and any stranger you can build a really beautiful and open connection with and develop it from there. The deep talk & playful connection workshop will get you into an intimate connection space right away, that then you enter the Festival with a network of new friends.

Franziska Hengl

I explore and live health promotion, guide in chaos and uncertainty as a coach, and journey in holistic healing in a variety of ways. I am a constant learner. I want to understand what being a mature human means and what life is all about. My deep love for creation wants to know how to preserve and unfold it.


I would like to introduce two essential tools for this and invite you to understand and experience life more deeply through (Quantum) Human Design™ and nature connection.

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kaa Faensen

kaa Faensen is a Berlin based artist, entrepreneur and large group facilitator. They are an educated group therapist, leadership coach and organisational consultant and work in the field of adult development for sustainable futures. kaa co-founded, a multidisciplinary transformation agency walking alongside leaders in these times of multiple crises. kaa’s focus is on helping to understand the complexity of what is going on and from there find developmental pathways to embark on collaboratively. They hold a huge variety of methodologies and combine different participatory approaches, art and visualisation.

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Thomas Andreas

Thomas Andreas started his healing practice 30 years ago with Shiatsu and classical massage. On his way he discovered the healing energies of Reiki, Tantra and Yoga. And since 2000 he has also been helping others to help themselves through initiations into energy work. His way of intuitive massages and energy treatments supports the body, mind and soul to come back to peace with itself and to be healthy.

Alexander Münch

I listen to the sounds of the world in its different facets. In the process, my body begins to move by itself and embodies the music. Feelings are released and people are in contact with each other. From moment to moment we discover what moves us. I invite you to a dance wave and to forest bathing, the mindful immersion in the atmosphere of the forest.

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Amanda Encantada

Amanda Encantada is a soulful medicine music singer, voice and speech coach, a medically trained voice therapist, a certified coach and seminar leader. She sings healing mantra songs as well as Latin American and Celtic music. She sings to touch your heart and to help you feel deeply. To remind you of who you truly are and of your soul essence. Through singing she connects with universal life forces and healing frequencies. She is also an experienced vocal coach for singers and speakers.


You can listen to some of Amanda's music here.

Gregor aka Dablyu G

For me, music is not only about scenery, fitting rhythms or a combination of sounds. It can be so much more: it can guide us to connect more with ourselves and particularly one another, depending on our involvement and the situation.

Community building as a deeper purpose of music, sounds and artworks is fundamental in our ‚Endlich Mal‘ - Community. 

I am therefore looking forward to serve you some melodic vibrations to enhance your sunset experience.

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Digital nomad from finland, traveling with a van + cat 😸🚐

I have been drawing and loving cats since i can remember. Mostly doing both at the same time, drawing cats with cats 😁 you might see me doing that at the festival, since i got the honor to share this skill with you at Evolve festival! 🥰

You can spot me with a big screen and a drawing tablet!

Come see what digital art is all about and how relaxing it can be. Ask for a chance to try it out yourself! 😉 

Stalk me on insta: @ninaonart

Radha & Akim

This power couple have learnt and taught yoga in different ashrams in europe and around the globe, experiencing and sharing deep healing with devotion to the divine on the path of bhakti. 


Radha co-established the center of excellence of vegan ayurveda for europes biggest yoga ashram and is now sharing her divine mantras and the holy names with audiences of all nations.

Beeing deeply devoted to her work, ayurvedic coaching, feminine embodiment and holistic healing are only a few of her tools to help her clients remember their way back to their true nature and higher purpose. 


Akim´s Divine Soul Work creates sacred spaces for deep transformational healing and soul integration. His tools range from traditional Kundalini Sukshma Vyayama to Sivananda Hatha Yoga to prepare for his dedication towards healing through the divine connection. He knows how to guide people back to their true divine nature, using different healing techniques, mantras and the Divine Soul Constellation Work. 


Come to meet them to live your highest purpose and embody your most authentic self. Divine Soul Work - Come to heal  |

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Jens Vödisch

Jens Vödisch comes from Frankfurt (Oder).

Since the beginning of 2019, he has been teaching meditation in combination with Yin and Yang Yoga online and in presence.

At the Evolve Festival at Lake Helene, he would like to share his passion for Yin Yoga and accompany you on a conscious time out. In his Yin Yoga he takes Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as a starting point, the meridians, the transformational phases, the chakras and the current daily energy, in order to strengthen the natural flow of life of people and nature.

With the practice of Yin Yoga, challenges of life can be met more calmly.

The mindful and meditative dwelling in the positions helps to release deep tensions and harmonize the flow of energy.

Amba Karoline

Healer & Medium


I am Amba, here on earth to remind you of love, the feminine elemental force & the magic of life. The time has come when we activate more and more our soul power. With my mediumistic abilities & clairvoyance, I accompany women on their path into their feminine power. I love to create spaces of healing & beauty. Together we walk the path, hand in hand and create the new earth.


Sïbylla (aka Valentina)

Sïbylla is a dancer since childhood and in the last five years she is devoted to a contemporary way of belly dancing (Tribal Fusion) which brought her a lot of inner growth and self empowerment.