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Week of April 22, 2024. Scorpio “Pink” Full Moon and Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus

By Inner Sun -


Beautiful Souls,


In a nutshell: The Aries-Libra Eclipses are slowly fading in our rearview mirrors (the next Aries/Libra eclipses will be in October, then in March of 2025 we wrap up this Eclipse cycle). Right now, the effects might still linger until Mercury takes back its regular course, it is still in retrograde motion until April 26.


On April 20 we shift energies: we enter the Taurus Season, bringing lush and abundant, calming and grounding, productive, sensual energies.


Incidentally, it is also in Taurus that Jupiter will cross paths with Uranus, a conjunction whose peaking point will be on Monday (April 22). This week brings opportunities to take an honest look and disrupt old comfortable limiting beliefs and habits (especially regarding abundance and money, our bodies and sensuality, our sense of belonging and legitimacy), and to take steps out of our comfort zones. One last significant astrology event before we can flow into a smooth summer – astrologically speaking.


The Scorpio Full Moon (‘Pink Moon’, Apr. 23-24) brings the potential for deeper transformational insights. It is an opportunity to look at the emotional and psychological roots of our creative and manifesting blocks and limiting beliefs.



April 22, 2024. Jupiter magnifies Uranus in Taurus. Challenge your comfort zones, and open yourself to opportunities and change

In Astrology, Uranus carries the energies of thinking out of the box, radical change, and breaking the established order. It is the electric energy of thunder. Uranus brings freedom and helps us create adequate networks to shape a humanitarian and equitable world. Uranus’ influence in our lives is change. Unpredictable, sudden, sometimes life-altering change.


Right now (since 2019 and until 2026), Uranus is transiting the sign of Taurus. Taurus, a symbol of materialism, stability, comfort, sensuality, steadiness, and certain forms of conformism. Not Uranus’ realm, really. Regardless, while in Taurus, Uranus helps us break down (as individuals and societies), topics related to our manifestation powers, our relation to abundance, our need for comfort, our sensuality and relation to our bodies, and more generally how we channel and work with energy.


Jupiter is a magnifying glass. The conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter is likely to bring Uranus’ influence to a potent level around April 22, making this the climax of Uranus’ 2019-2026 journey in Taurus.


While Taurus probably absorbs a lot of the electric jolts emanating from Uranus, energy is still available for us in this period, to:

  • Take an honest look and break those comfortable habits that are, if we look closer, excuses not to challenge ourselves and take the actions we need to get closer to our callings and dreams. In other words, get out of our comfort zones

  • Dig deeper into the “comfortable” beliefs we have about money and abundance; our bodies and sensualities; self-care; our existential doubts.

  • Let ourselves be surprised by the unpredictable, and see the opportunity (i.e. the divine) in there, rather than resisting change.

  • Allow ourselves to seize the possible wild opportunities or even evolutionary leaps, that might be presented to us.

April 23 and 24, 2024. Full Moon (Pink Moon) in Scorpio. Explore the emotional and psychological roots of our limiting habits and beliefs

Every year, the Scorpio Full Moon highlights one of the strongest polarities of the Zodiac: the Scorpio-Taurus opposition:

  • While the Sun in Taurus (April 20 to May 20, 2024) provides a grounding, practical, and stable energy for productive endeavors, the Moon in Scorpio (Apr 23-24) might bring out deeper emotional topics and force us to look at our psychological limitations.

  • While Taurus provides the ground for material abundance and beauty in the real world, Scorpio digs into our inner worlds and shows us the roots of our inner power in the realms of our psyche.

  • While Taurus brings slowness and beingness, Scorpio wants depth and intensity.

  • While Taurus brings out our sensuality, Scorpio channels raw sexual energy.


The Scorpio Full Moon invites us to look at the emotional and psychological roots of our creative and manifesting blocks and limiting beliefs, regarding abundance, money, our bodies, and confidence in our capacities.


Keep in mind that Mercury is still retrograde in Aries until April 26, bringing confusion, but also insights and epiphanies

Mercury retrograde usually brings mishaps and confusion in our thoughts, communications, actions, and in the overall functioning of the world, especially what connects us (telecommunications, transports, technology). While thinking straight is difficult, those times bring insights and epiphanies to those who take it slow.

Ideas for a Full Moon ritual (night from April 23 to 24):

Do witchy stuff: This Full Moon is a great moment for any witchy activity you might have held onto: burn sacred herbs, work with precious stones, cast spells, communicate with animals, and use your tarots and oracles. Scorpio is the Zodiac sign of raw psychic power and witchcraft.


Bathe in the Full Moon light: If the sky is free of clouds, expose yourself to the Scorpio Full Moon light, and imagine that it enters through your Third eye and shows you the mechanics and dynamics of your inner limitations.


Chakras: Feel the connection between the Third Eye (Ajna) and the lower chakras (Root/Earth, Sacral/Water, Solar plexus/Fire). Allow your inner eye to see into those chakras, and your mental power to play with their energies.


Stones and essential oils:

  • Essential oils (diffuse in the room or put a drop inside your wrist):

  • Root-Third Eye scents, to stay grounded while working on deeper topics: Ylang-Ylang, Vetiver

  • If you feel too dark or emotional (Scorpio shadow), or heavy/stuck (Taurus shadow): Rose, Jasmine, Patchouli


Journaling / Meditation prompts:

Reflect, dig deep, mind-map around:

  • how and what you manifest;

  • your relation to money, to what you own;

  • your need for stability, safety, and comfort;

  • your sensuality and relation to your body;

  • your existential self-doubts and sense of belonging;

  • how you work with energy, whatever the form.


Go deeper:

Check out, in your own natal chart, in which house the Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions falls. You can find deeper insights about the fields of experience and life that are being transformed by Uranus.


We wish you a beautiful Full Moon.



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