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Astro Blog: March 25, 2024. Full Moon and partial Lunar Eclipse in Libra

Hello dear readers,

here are some Astro insights of the current period for you - brought to you by Inner Sun -


Monday, March 25, we are entering one of this year's two Eclipse Tunnels, with the Full Moon in Libra. It will be a penumbral Eclipse, lighter than the New Moon and Total eclipse in Aries of April 8, which will be the climax of this Eclipse period. This is a powerful, intense period. Unpredictable and tricky to navigate. Unprepared and unaware, an eclipse season can be a rough ride. But if you tune into your inner sense of purpose and balance, there is great energy to be harnessed, in this case toward purposeful action. Your Heroic Journey.


While April 8's Aries New Moon will open channels to start and initiate concrete action (sometimes maybe with a sense of urgency to be questioned) and jump into the unknown, the March 25 Libra Full Moon has the opposite effect: it comes to bring balance and harmony in an otherwise fiery, action-driven season. Libra brings a sense of questioning, pondering, balancing the options. It also calls us to enjoy friendship, relationship and support. The Libra Moons reminds the Aries Sun that he is not alone, and might need to reflect on those impulses.


We recommend:

  • At the Full Moon (March 25), take your time to ponder decisions, don't jump into action but rather talk them over with trusted Souls, enjoy your social and romantic Life, and bring in whatever gives you a sense of balance and harmony. Be delicate, with yourself, others, and with your projects.

  • When comes the New Moon and Total Eclipse (April 8), be prepared. The call for action might be extreme, anger and emotional releases might happen. But with the proper dosage of prior preparation and healthy craziness (later it will be named courage, don't worry), immense energy will be available to initiate big steps and make leaps of faith.


Full Moon Ritual: a ritual around balance and harmony, ideally with other(s). Create a cozy space with elements that make it beautiful in your eyes (flowers, candles, fabrics, colorful objects, art, etc.). Bring yourself(ves) to a meditative state. Feel and see yourself as a mythical Hero. What do you look like, how are you dressed, what is your name? Do you have tools, weapons, animals? What is your purpose, your drive, your Journey? Share it with the others (or your journal) and reflect together, on how you can make this Hero Journey more beautiful and harmonious, and you can create a supportive environment for the action to come


The Full Moon Energy is favorable for: Finding balance, pondering decisions, socializing and seeking advice and support, preparing for future leaps of faiths


Chakras: Sacral and Heart to balance the Solar Plexus


Stones: Light green stones (jade, turquoise, aquamarine, aventurine) / Opal


Beautiful fellow souls - we wish you a beautiful new year and a joyful, productive, bright spring.



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