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evolve’s vision is to create events that promote personal growth, self-discovery, a deeper connection to oneself and the world around us. We aim to provide holistic experiences that combine yoga, mindfulness and healing practices with music and dance.


Our goal is to create a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact on the world, both on and off the mat. We believe that by fostering a community of individuals who are dedicated to personal growth, we can make a positive impact on the world, one breath at a time.


Let's evolve together.


In a moment of nature inspired awe, I considered the necessary ingredients for a tree to grow. Sunlight, water and nutrients from food... Interesting, I pondered, a lot like us humans. But, what about a forest? What about a mountain side of fir trees or a forest full of pines? How could I contribute to a vast expanse of beauty that gives more than it takes and contributes so generously to our ecosystem. How could we build a community of like-minded people, a collective that would thrive, unfolding their full potential through empowering one another, connected by the pull to contribute to positive change in our world? The seed had been planted.

Over the following years the vision ebbed and flowed, twisted, turned and slowly started to evolve. Like a flourishing tree, it would have numerous branches; some to bring people together, some to aid healing, some for fun and others for freedom. But they all grew from the same central stem, one that nurtured personal growth and a reconnection with nature.

The tree finally found her roots and evolve found its home at the Helenesee, a rejuvenating and magical hideaway of lake and forests in the wilds of Brandenburg. Together with a strong support of creative and wonderful minds, the first evolve festival was sprung in the summer of 2022 and thanks to the many people who watered and aided evolve’s growth with love and care, we can proudly look back on a fabulous first edition.

But this was just the first chapter of a tree with big dreams and thus, the beginning of an onward journey. So here we are, our branches laid bare and we can’t wait to evolve with you this summer and create a forest together.


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