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Astro Blog: April 8, 2024. New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse in Aries

Hello beautiful souls - here comes a special post about the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Aries - brought to you by Inner Sun -


Exceptionally, a long post, because this is a very intense and meaningful astrological period. Let's brace ourselves for a bumpy ride.

This article is about the April 8 New Moon in Aries. This post provides more information about the Major astrological events of this Aries season (March 19 – April 19).

The April 8 Aries New Moon (Total Solar Eclipse, visible only in North Americas): set powerful intentions for big actions and projects to come

New Moons are supposed to be harmonious, the Sun and Moon working in sync, the dark night inspiring rest and communication with etheric realms, from which emerge the intentions for the new Lunar cycle. 

Well, this Eclipse might be different. The energy around April 8 might be intense, with possibly a sense of chaos and conflict or aggression in the air. 


Intense energies will be available to start big new endeavors or take leaps of faith. But now is NOT the moment to act. Do not make rash decisions, do not engage in important, or conflictual conversations. Mercury retrograde and the Mars-Saturn conjunction (see below) are urging us to find inspiration and set intentions, but without action – yet. 


Aries brings the energy of the Healing Fire. This New Moon, energy will be available for, among others:

Emotional alchemy: allowing emotions and feelings, even those most uncomfortable, to be felt. In this case, unexpressed anger, egoic wounds, urge for competition or conflict, might surface. Let them be. Feel them, let them out in a safe way, if needed (hit pillows or a punching ball, shout your lungs out in a car or in the woods). In any case, let those be experienced and felt, and feel the Healing Fire transform them into readily available energy. 

Bring forth the Healthy, Conscious Masculine: healthy competition for the betterment and evolution of all; intense, focused drive towards transformation, healing, a better world; the capacity to create and protect safe spaces where transformation and healing can happen.

Let our anger and your deep drive, your instincts, ambition, and inner fire, show you the way. But now is not (yet) the time for action. For now, we just envision our boldest, craziest, most impossible dreams

Let our inner fire (our drive, our anger) burn through limiting beliefs and old patterns. Identify and let go of those “pragmatic” voices who argue that you cannot reach those dreams, however realistic they seem. Make sure that you know, in your core, that the environment, capacities, and resources that you need to reach your huge, ambitious goals, will be provided in time.

Chiron (the "Wounded Healer") is aligned with this New Moon: healing the Ego and letting our Soul shine through

This New Moon might also help us see better the contradictions and limitations of the Ego. Our egos and personas are beautiful vehicles for our Souls to incarnate and interact on Earth. But when they are in control, we argue, justify, manipulate, defend at all costs, and protect ourselves from fears that are most often unexpressed. Ego does not have empathy; Ego is not rational. Ego is a formidable, beautiful organic machinery that needs a pilot. Those pilots, for those individuals who let go of the traps of Ego and emotional patterns, are the Heart and the Conscious Mind. 


This New Moon, under the influence of the asteroid Chiron, might show us the wounds of Ego, and where we are controlled by Ego. It might be uncomfortable, painful even, to have a glimpse at our own Dorian Gray portrait. But once we see Ego for what it is, a beautiful machine that we need to exist in this Life, then it loses its grip and becomes our most powerful tool to achieve our goals and dreams.


What to remember:

  • When comes the New Moon and Total Eclipse (April 8 and a couple of days before and after), be prepared for erratic behaviors and emotions. 

  • The call for action might be strong, anger and emotional releases might happen. 

  • But now is NOT the time for big actions or complex conversations. 

  • However, with the proper dosage of prior preparation and healthy craziness (later it will be named courage, don't worry), immense energy will be available to set the right intentions and plant the seeds to initiate big decisions, projects, and leaps of faith.

  • The Full Moon will also be a time to burn through limiting beliefs and old fears and take a good look at where our Ego still is the pilot in our lives.

  • The Full Moon is also an opportunity to envision and question the conscious Masculin within and around us.

The New Moon Energy is favorable for

  • Connecting to our instinct, our vision and purpose, our drive. 

  • Daring to see big and soon actually take bold, great action.

  • Setting strong intentions and planting seeds for big projects, leaps of faith, new beginnings to be manifested soon.

  • Connecting with the Warrior and hero within. 

  • Healing Ego disbalances and wounds. 

  • Healing the masculine / connecting to the Conscious/Divine masculine

08/04 New Moon ritual: 

  • This New Moon is a great moment for breathwork or emotional release practice (which includes shouting in the woods or expressing anger in a safe way).

  • For your New Moon ritual, use fire. For example, burn papers where you have written limiting beliefs and old conditioning

Journaling prompts:

  • What are you willing to fight for?

  • Who are you as a mythical Hero? What do you look like, how are you dressed, what is your name? Do you have tools, weapons, animals? What is your purpose, your drive, your Journey?

  • What are your next bold, daring, drastic steps? Which fears and beliefs emerge when visualizing those,

  • What do you do out of ego? What are the hard points in your inner world, where you think that you are right and won't accept other opinions, those hardnesses that you won't let go of?


Chakras: Solar Plexus and Third Eye



  • Fire stones (Tiger Eye, citrine, etc.) to activate the Solar plexus, drive, and sense of purpose. 

  • Shadow work and deep cleansing stones (obsidian, black tourmaline) to connect with the healing power of Chiron

  • Clear quartz for clear vision.


Beautiful fellow Souls - take care, and take your time. Do NOT rush into action or conversation.


We wish you a beautiful new astrological year and a joyful, productive, bright Spring.



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