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evolve nest.

A conscious urban oasis located in the heart of Berlin.

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We created an urban space to call home, a harmonious world where people can grow and connect simultaneously. Located in the heart of Berlin, our evolve nest is not just a physical location but a sanctuary of transformation and collaboration. We are a large community passionate about growth, innovation, and the collective pursuit of a balanced, healthy, fulfilled life.


Our vision is to become a center of holistic development, where everyone can explore, nurture and evolve personally and professionally. We are committed to fostering a community that thrives on wellness, creativity, and togetherness. Our nest will host events where we define new ways to live, work, and evolve together.



We are dedicated to offering a diverse range of classes and workshops focused on holistic health and self-discovery. Through our unique blend of healing practices, educational events, and unique spaces, we strive to empower individuals to explore new depths of self-awareness and to cultivate meaningful connections.

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sun floor.

The sun floor is a 1500sqm room, surrounded by palm trees and bamboos. It is bathed in natural light from the roof lights to the side windows. The main floor can host up to 400 people and has a great sound system and DJ mixers that can be used for events such as ecstatic dance and concerts. The main stage is inspired by the rays of the Sun and built with golden sarees imported from India. Facilitators sit under these beautiful fabrics, on a slightly elevated platform and surrounded by plants and velvet pillows. The sun floor also has a small bar where cacao, tea and fresh juices can be served, along with small bites and fruits.


moon floor.

The moon floor is our more intimate room, sheltered in a pool. A large white canopy is hung above the space turning it into a refuge under a soft white cloud. At night fairy lights and the mosaic lamps create a dreamy and comforting atmosphere, akin to a starry sky. It can host up to 40 people for workshops, sound healing events, team building activities, singing circles and talks.

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