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Astro Blog: May 7-8, 2024. New Moon in Taurus

Updated: Jul 2

By Inner Sun -

Beautiful Souls,


In a nutshell

This New Moon might be the starting point of a quiet and enjoyable summer period. We have no life altering astrological event in sight for the next couple of months. After the intense turbulences of the last 2 months – Eclipses with powerful alignments, retrogrades and major planetary conjunctions, whether we did the work consciously or were just shaken left and right by all the turmoil, we emerge more mature, stronger, and … exhausted. The Taurus New Moon brings us a clear message: time to rest and chill out. Take it slow. So, if we can, let’s do some gentle loving self-care, a lush sensory ritual, meditate or simply enjoy communion with nature. Or just lay back rest: we deserve it.


May 7-8, 2024. New Moon in Taurus. Lay back and enjoy a slow start into a quiet, enjoyable summer

One Zodiac sign embodies calm and quiet more than any other, yes, you’ve got it: Taurus. Taurus is the zodiacal place of Beingness. Whether we spend a day potato-couching or in deep meditation, the Taurean flow accompanies us.


On the New Moon, our inner world (Moon) and life force (Sun) are aligned. The underlying energetic tapestry is calm and peaceful. We can see clearer where we are, and where we want to go, because there is no distracting dissonance between the Sun and the Moon.


The Taurus New Moon is, therefore, a moment of peace. We are called to rest, to take it slow. If we work, to do it with calm and patience. To connect with the Taurus energy, we can spend some time enjoying nature, indulge into lush self-care, cook ourself a delicate, delicious treat, or quietly create something beautiful with our hands. Anything calm, sensual, lush, comfortable, and/or meditative. Or again: just rest, whatever that means for us.


From this activity (or absence thereof), should emerge the intention and vision of this next Moon cycle, and maybe beyond. Having processed all those intense, often heavy energies of the last months, this moment of clarity and rest should show us a solid, steady path towards clear and concrete goals. Taurus is slow to start, but once they set their eye on a target, they will work steadily, relentlessly, until they reach it.


Venus of beauty, abundance and sensuality is the ruling planet of Taurus. And it is currently in … you guessed it again: Taurus. While Pluto squared her at the beginning of this month (bringing deeper, possibly painful existential insights or questions regarding our relationships to others, to money and abundance, or to our bodies), its influence will have faded out at the time of the New Moon.


Ideas for a New Moon ritual (ideally the night from May 7 to 8)

Beauty: if you create a ritual, make a ritual of creating a beautiful setting for said ritual. Got it ?

Self-care: a ritual centered around your body and sensuality is a perfect option. Oils, scents, massage and touch, skin-care of any nature, etc.

Nature: Being in nature and enjoying her beauty with all your being and senses is, by itself, one of the best possible rituals for this New Moon.



Enjoy the feeling of Muladhara (Root/Earth) chakra. The feeling of comfort, peace, grounding, connection to nature, and sensuality.



Dark red / brown stones for grounding: red jasper, carnelian, tourmaline

Gentle, heart centered stones, for a tad of sensuality: Rose quartz


Essential oils

Gentle Taurus / Muladhara scents (root-heart connection): cedarwood, sandalwood, rosewood


Journaling / Meditation prompts

For this new Moon, it is not recommended to go too much into the mind, but rather into our body and our raw, pure being.

For soft journaling or intentional meditation, Taurus suggests the following topic: My pragmatic, real-life vision and path towards abundance / beauty / stability


Go deeper

Check out, in your own natal chart, which house this New Moon falls into. You can find deeper insights about the fields of experience and life this new lunar cycle can be about.


We wish you a beautiful New Moon



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