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Astro Blog: June 6, 2024. New Moon with Venus in Gemini

Updated: Jul 2

Hello beautiful souls

A short post for this New Moon, for it is a gentle, playful and smooth one.

June 6, 2024. New Moon with Venus in Gemini. Time to express our love and affection - and maybe for a gentle reality check.

The New Moon in Gemini invites us to butterfly around. Sing our song while flying from branch to branch. Gemini has its dark sides, but its main expression is light and playful. It is the energy of curiosity, and experience for the sake of experience. Do something new, goof around, learn new stuff, without giving it too much importance: just enjoy some form of playing, learning, experiencing.

At a deeper level, Gemini connects opposites. It is the electric impulse the carries the message, and, ultimately, the Rainbow bridge between polarities. In Gemini the Personality/Body and the Soul become one. In other words, Gemini is where Life experience becomes Soul journey, and vice-versa.

What does it mean for this New moon ?

Well, if we need a deeper meaning beyond the enjoyment of butterflying from one flower to the other, this might be a beautiful, light and enjoyable moment to look at our life path and activities from a "Soul journey" perspective. To open our Hearts and look at every situation as a learning experience, every human connection as a dance of Souls, Plants and Animals as messengers of the Divine, etc.

Venus aligns exactly with the Sun and the Moon for this New Moon, inviting us to speak, write, sing or express however we enjoy it the most, our love and affection. In Esoteric Astrology, Venus is the ruler planet of Gemini, making this alignment quite significant: we are invited, if we are attracted to that side of Life, to consider the spiritual essence of our connections (to others, to Nature, to ourselves, to Life itself, to the Universe).

If it resonates, meditate on the following:

Venus in Gemini is, in essence,

Love as the essential energy that connects everything at a quantum level

This New Moon and Venus also form a square angle (= a challenging combination) with Saturn in Pisces. In Pisces, the planet of limitations and discipline forces pragmatism on our ideals and creative endeavours. Simply put, it has the energy of the reality check: do I idealise my connections? Are my dreams too much scattered or unclear? How can I bring some form of realism and discipline where I maybe got lost in illusion? Let's keep it light and playful though: considering that Venus is the most active planet here, and that She is quite at ease and expressive with Pisces, this reality check is likely to be a gentle, loving and beautiful one, grounding our dreams without belittling them.

Ideas for a New Moon ritual

(ideally ritual on the night from June 5 to 6, then "bathe" mentally in that energy during the day and evening of June 6)

Night from June 5 to 6: connect to spirit(s), to your guides and helpers. For that, create a beautiful altar with candles and objects that feel spiritual or divine to you. In a calm atmosphere, with eyes closed, focus on your Heart and call in your guides, friends, ancestors, helpers, angels, animals, etc. Who and whatever benevolent presence wants to manifest. Take your time to feel their presence, without forcing anything. Just let it happen, and trust your inner eye (some might call it imagination).

In their company, and from that vantage point, consider your current life. See the Love behind everything and everyone, see the Soul hidden in every step of the way, every life lesson. Receive the guidance of your Soul.


On June 6: Go on a play-date with your Inner Child / Artist. Those familiar with Julia Cameron's "Artist's Way" know the drill: find something to do on your own, that is fun, colorful, original, enjoyable, new,. Whatever it is, as long as it is out of your routine and makes you giggle. Inside or outside, something that has been on your bucket list for a while but you never have time. Bring your Inner Child / Artist on this date :)

Oh, and this is a New Moon : don't forget to set intentions :)


You guessed it, this one is a New Moon of the Heart.

Gemini also brings in the Throat chakra (expression, vibration), plus the Soul connection will make the energies circulate through the Third Eye and the Crown.

Thus, around this Full Moon, you can try and regularly feel Light emanating from and to the Heart, through the "higher" Chakras.


Whatever stone connects you to your guides and helpers, or simply to your Heart.

This one is really for you to play with.


Essential oils

Playful, surprising scents to honor Gemini: fun Citrus (Yuzu, Combava), Fennel and the family of anise (if you don't hate those), black pepper or ginger, etc.


Journaling / Meditation prompts

Soul journey:

How do my current life experiences and connections look like from a Soul perspective ?

(work with concrete examples)

Reality check:

How do I idealise my connections? Are my dreams too much scattered and unclear? How can I bring some form of realism and discipline where I maybe got lost in illusion?

Not for journaling, rather meditating:

Love as the essential energy that connects everything at a quantum level.

(or the fundamental glue that keeps all manifestation together)


Go deeper

Check out in your natal chart which house this New Moon falls into. You can find deeper insights about the fields of experience and life this new lunar cycle can be about.


We wish you a lovely New Moon and a beautiful, beautiful Summer (until we meet at the evolve festival on Aug. 30+Sep. 1)



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