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Astro-Blog: June 21-22, 2024. Summer Solstice and Full "Rose" Moon in Capricorn

Updated: Jul 2

By Inner Sun -


Beautiful Souls,

In a nutshell

The coincidence of this Full Moon with the Summer Solstice makes it a powerful cosmic event.

It is also the first of 2 Capricorn Full Moons (the next one on July 21), which makes this Cancer season (June 21 – July 22) a complete cycle, centered on a beautiful New Moon in Cancer aligned with the Star Sirius, on July 6.

So for the next 4 weeks or so, let's follow the Capricornian pragmatism and set ourselves a program:

On June 21-22 (Full Moon in Cap #1), we elaborate our plan to create a protected space, inside and around us, for our Inner Children to express themselves freely.

From June 23 to July 20, we let ourselves seek inspiration, dance with no complex, have fun, do new (fun) things, be silly, create whatever, be childish.

On July 6 (New Moon in Cancer), we connect loving to our Inner Children, listen to the song of the Whale and channel the light of the Spiritual Sun.

On July 21 (Full Moon in Cap #2), we refocus, reassess, and take a good, grateful look at the quantum leap this Cancer season just made us take.



June 21-22, 2024. Summer Solstice and Full "Rose" Moon in Capricorn. Create protected spaces to grow our projects

The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere. It is also close to the moment when the Earth is the farthest from the Sun (the Aphelion). While the North receives more direct light from the Sun, it is also more distant.

The Capricorn Full Moon, called Rose Moon or Strawberry Moon (the time when flowers and berries are in full blossoming display) activates the Cancer-Capricorn opposition, which is often described as the "Parents" axis:

While Cancer is the empathic parent who feels the needs of their offspring and has the urge to provide them the nurturing and protective ground, that will allow them to grow and feel safe.

Capricorn carries the energy of objectives and boundaries, of sobriety and discipline, that is needed for children to learn the laws of the World and to harness the potential of their talents.

While Cancer is emotionally rich and motile, Capricorn is pragmatic and sober.

While Cancer becomes the Empathic Healer, Capricorn becomes the Selfless Guide.

What does it mean for our Full "Rose" Moon ?

First of all, Capricorn often brings the energy of the "Reality check":

  • Where am I at ?

  • Are my visions and objectives clear, or at least, as clear as can be at this stage of my Life?

  • What resources do I have, how do I use them, what resources do I need to go on?

  • Do I know my next steps?

Then, it brings the qualities of pragmatism, sobriety and discipline, in an otherwise emotion-driven Cancer season. It helps us set clear boundaries and create those protected spaces where we can nurture the plants of our projects, healing works, growth, and loves. Concretely, we will use this first Full Moon of the Cancer season to create a safe and protected space where our Inner Children will have one month of free expression.


July 6 and 21, 2024. New Moon in Cancer aligned with Sirius + Full Moon in Capricorn

While both Capricorn Full Moons will bring similar energies (set apart our growth in-between), the July 6 New Moon in Cancer will be an extraordinary portal to the energy of the Star Sirius.

Traditionally associated with Life and fertility (Ancient Egypt for example), Sirius is our Spiritual Sun in Esoteric Astrology. It carries the spirit of Oneness and unconditional Love, and is the Soul origin of Whales and Dolphins.

Sirius is a powerful influence for those who connect with Stars, and a relay for Source Light and Creative Energy. The alignment of the Cancer New Moon with Sirius might therefore allow us to tap into deep, ancient wisdom, and raw creative energy. A very enlightening, very spiritual event, with a resonance of lightness, playfulness and loving care.

So this Cancer Season (June 21 to July 22), let's go on a Journey with our Inner children:

On the Full Moons (June 22, July 21) : Let's focus on creating protected spaces (boundaries, boundaries...) for Them to play, grow, learn, and dream. Let's define those organised, disciplined plans that will help Them harness their creativity.

Between Full Moons, and especially on the New Moon (July 6): Let's connect lovingly with Them, and let them express their needs, wishes dreams and hurts, let's be that loving parent to ourselves, who will offer this safe and caring space where our inner Children can be ... children.


Ideas for a Ritual (June 21, evening)

Time for schedule, dashboard, mind map, vision board. Horizon: one month

Reflect, concretely and pragmatically, on the following:

First, a general assessment:

  • Where am I at ?

  • Are my visions and objectives clear, or at least, as clear as can be at this stage of my Life?

  • What resources do I have, how do I use them, what resources do I need to go on?

  • Do I know my next steps?

Once those answers are written down, lock them in a beautiful place (a box, altar, etc.) for the next month, you will come back to them on the next Full Moon.

Then, a pragmatic and disciplined preparation for one month of playful freedom:

  • What does my vulnerable Inner Child need to feel safe and express themself freely? Be concrete: boundaries, spaces, timeframes, people or situations to avoid, specific activities, etc.

  • How can I implement those activities / boundaries / spaces, etc. in the coming month?

Meditate on yourself as a kind, protective, loving, understanding parent to your Inner Child(ren).

In the following weeks, take time every day to play, create, dance, do new stuff, find inspiration, and be silly. Connect to your Inner Child(ren).


Go deeper

Check out in your natal chart which house this Full Moon falls into. You can find deeper insights about the fields of experience and life this new lunar cycle can be about.


We wish you a beautiful Full Moon, and a deep, playful Cancer season.


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