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Astro Blog: July 6-7, 2024. New Moon in Cancer and Sirius Portal

Updated: Jul 2

By Inner Sun -


Hello beautiful souls

A short post for this deeply spiritual and inspiring New Moon.

This New Moon is the Peak of a transformative, insightful Cancer season

This Cancer season (June 21 – July 22) is a complete cycle, centered on a beautiful New Moon in Cancer aligned with the Star Sirius, on July 6-7.

A a reminder of our plan for the season:

  • On June 21-22 (Full Moon in Cap #1), we elaborate our plan to create a protected space, inside and around us, for our Inner Children to express themselves freely.

  • From June 23 to July 20, we let ourselves seek inspiration, dance with no complex, have fun, do new (fun) things, be silly, create whatever, be childish.

  • On July 6 (New Moon in Cancer), we connect loving to our Inner Children, listen to the song of the Whale and channel the light of the Spiritual Sun. A moment to recharge our Spirit and Soul.

  • On July 21 (Full Moon in Cap #2), we refocus, reassess, and take a good, grateful look at the quantum leap this Cancer season just made us take.



July 6-7, 2024. New Moon in Cancer aligned and Sirius Portal

Sirius is a powerful influence for those who connect with Stars, and a relay for Source Light and Creative Energy. The alignment of the Cancer New Moon with Sirius might therefore allow us to tap into deep, ancient wisdom, and raw creative energy. A very enlightening, very spiritual event, with a resonance of lightness, playfulness and loving care.

What is Sirius ?

Sirius is the brightest star in our skies, and will remain that way for many milleniums. It is a "fixed" star, who has been transiting our Zodiacal Cancer for a Millenium and will continue its slow Cancerian journey for another Millenium.

What does Sirius represent ?

  • Sirius is our Spiritual Sun in Esoteric Astrology, considered as an Elder to our Sun, and a great source of spiritual wisdom.

  • Sirius is traditionnally associated with fertility (the Egyptian Goddess Sopdet of fertility and agriculture, avatar of Isis). It is also the divinity of abundant water (in the Persian traditions for example), which I personnally connect to the Oceans; it is said to be the Soul origin of Whales and Dolphins.

  • In many traditions, Sirius called the Dog Star, or the Wolf, or Coyote Star (Chinese, Japanese, Native American, etc. By periods in Egypt it was also connected to the Dog-headed divinity Anubis). Connected to the Dog, Sirius carries the spirit of Oneness and unconditional Love.

In the current decades, the Sun aligns with Sirius every year on July 6-7, opening a Portal to channel its energies. Very rarely thougn, is the Moon also in alignment. The July 6-7 New Moon in Cancer will be an exceptional Portal to Sirius energies.

This New Moon is a wonderful moment to connect lovingly with our Inner Child/ren, and let them express their needs, wishes dreams and hurts. It is an opportunity to be a loving (grand)parent to ourselves, who will offer a safe and caring space where our inner Child/ren can be ... children.

Even though Sirius brings the energy of wisdom from the Elders, connecting with our Inner Child/ren is one of the best ways to tune into it - like children listening, with all their innocent and complete focus, to the stories of the Elders.

What for ? We don't need a pecific objective here, channelling will come naturally. But the general topics brought forth here are self-care and -love, how we nurture our part of creativity and innocence, and connecting with our pure childlike and playful creativity, wishes and dreams.


Ideas for a Ritual (July 6, evening)

That night, we strongly recommend to be on the fun, relaxed, playful, innocent side of life. Dance, play, be silly and childish. With a relaxed and open mindset, we will channel effortlessly the Wisdom of our Spiritual Sun.

Imagine, all over the Earth, your fellow humans laughing and playing and dancing, not having a care in the world. And all, by doing so, letting in beautiful revelations and transformative energies.

If that is possible, choose to be close to, or ideally in a natural body of Water (Lake, Sea, Ocean)

Connect to the spirits that talk to you the most amongst: Whales, Dolphins, Dogs, Wolves.


Go deeper

Check out in your natal chart which house this New Moon falls into. You can find deeper insights about the fields of experience and life this new lunar cycle can be about.


We wish you a lovely New Moon

and a beautiful, beautiful Summer

until we meet at the evolve festival on Aug. 30 - Sep. 1



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