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Elisabetta Lanfredini

Elisabetta Lanfredini

Rambling Voices - Singing as a Transformational Tool

This workshop serves as both a sonic sanctuary and playground, safe haven where we can intimately explore our vocal expression. Here, the voice reigns supreme as our primary tool for creation and communication, akin to a precious pearl nestled within the depths of our being. Together, we'll embark on a journey to unearth this aspect of ourselves—ethereal yet deeply rooted in our physicality and by grounding the voice within our bodies, we'll sense its resonances, vibrations, and the profound power it holds, drawing from a tapestry of practices and techniques from diverse musical traditions.

Through collective vocal exploration, we will strive to liberate our voices from aesthetic and cultural constraints breaking stereotyped vocal perfection. We will delve into music creation through improvisation, exploring a spectrum of timbres, colors, and “extended vocal techniques”…searching, screaming, crying, breathing, using our voices without fear, with total openness towards our own personal expressive needs where chaos, noise and melodic sounds are all part of the same dimension of creation.
A transformative and playful experience toward freedom and creativity, toward healing from denials, toward letting go, and an opportunity for significant empowerment of both the group and the individual. Here the voice becomes a means to unlock energies, rediscover suppressed and hidden emotions, to love, to love oneself, to cradle and be cradled.

Whether you're a vocal enthusiast, a bodyworker seeking to integrate voice into your practice, or simply someone on a quest for self-discovery, this workshop invites you to join us in the journey. It's an opportunity to sing in harmony with others, to surrender to collective improvisations, and to feel the resonance of your own body like a reed swaying in the wind.

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