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Elias Doré

Elias Doré

Breathwork Sound Journey

Elias’ story is one of unwavering dedication to self-expression through music.
As a DJ and producer, his path led him through all major stations of electronic music subculture, from Germany’s Fusion Festival to warehouse raves in Sao Paulo or sunrise sets at Burning Man.
In his ventures beyond the dance floor, Elias immersed himself into the realms of Gestalttherapy and Hero’s Journeys to lead groups through processes of awareness and self-realization. Forever captivated by the mystery and depth of human connections, he also embarked on a mission to elevate his understanding of Music as a healing art through studies of Music Therapy.
Connection, humbleness and vulnerability remain at the core of everything he does, contagiously igniting a childlike fascination within himself and others for the fundamental mystery of being alive.

At the urban evolve festival he will be delighting us with a musical breathwork journey. Central to his sessions is a carefully crafted, individual soundtrack that empowers the participants journey towards self-exploration and helps them to access emotions too complex to be described by words. The format combines elements of the Wimhof method, holotropic breath and meditation. In the process, emotions or insights may arise and a blissful clarity of mind usually sets in. It can also help to relieve stress and pressure. Or sometimes it might also just feel very good and help to ground yourself at the end of a long day.

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