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Catalina Peña

Catalina Peña

Divine Heart - Hatha Yoga

Catalina is a yoga instructor and professional massage therapist, with a witch's heart. Her goal for you is to uncover a deep inner sanctuary, experience healing, and be nurtured from within. Through practices like Yoga, Massage, Reiki, Chakra balancing therapy, and meditation, we can achieve greater clarity, free ourselves from physical and emotional burdens, improve well-being, and nurture self-awareness.

Step into this heart-opening Hatha yoga class, where you'll embark on a transformative journey to unlock the power of love within you. Through gentle movements and mindful breathwork, She'll guide you through a sequence of heart-opening poses designed to release tension, cultivate compassion, and create space for love to flow freely. Join her for this soul-nourishing experience and open your heart to the infinite possibilities of love.

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